Recent Before & After Photos

SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield's New Ride

Last week, SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield got our Volvo wrapped. The main purpose of the wrap is for marketing purposes so pedestrians and drivers can see us f... READ MORE

Floor Dryers vs. Dried Floor

In the before picture we had just set out the floor dryers and they had been operating for just a day. The floor and sub floor were still damp but after about a... READ MORE

Apartment Building Lobby

Pictured here is a before and after shot of the 5 story apartment building we worked on recently. We are just starting to take our equipment off the site. Every... READ MORE

Wet Rug Lives On

This was a wet rug at a church we cleaned and dried a few months back. Pictured here are before and after photos of the rug. Although the after picture is still... READ MORE

Wet Drop Ceiling Gets Restored

Water damage can occur on any floor of a house or building. When something, for example, happens on the 4th floor of a building, it can result in the floors ben... READ MORE

Greasy Rug on Tugboat

Displayed here is a before and after photo of a rug we cleaned on October 18th. This cleaning took place on a tugboat docked locally. The customer needed the jo... READ MORE

Fire in Overbrook, PA

This photo is from the living room of a home that was damaged by a fire.  The fire started from a candle that was left lit while the family was out of... READ MORE

Water Damage Causes Mold

In Sept 2015 a pipe burst in the basement of this home in Wynnefield.  It flooded out the basement but fortunately the home owner had most of his belonging... READ MORE

Flooded First Floor in Wynnefield

The first floor of this home in Overbrook became flooded after a sewage backup occurred.  The owner called us and we were on scene within the hour.  U... READ MORE