What our Customers say...


My son left the sink running all night and it ended up overflowing and sitting on the tile floor for awhile. The water wicked up the wall too and SERVPRO was there to help us in an unlikely situation. I wish I never needed to call them but I now know I made the right choice. I would recommend them to family and friends.

After a kitchen mishap and leaving the oven unattended for a little too long, we had a smoke issue. We got the fire out soon enough for there to be no damage other than smoke. After a few hours we realized it wasn't going away without professional help. We called SERVPRO to handle it and they did a great job.  After a few days the whole first floor smelled amazing.

After discovering some white fuzzy mold in our basement we decided to call a professional. After doing some research, SERVPRO seemed to be the best choice. They came out and cut out the affected area and then replaced everything like new! We were so happy we went with this company.

Grease fires are always a mess. In our case, we couldn't put it out right away. There was fire damage as well as smoke and soot throughout the house. This was no task for us as we had never dealt with that stuff before. We called SERVPRO because a friend of ours had the same thing happen to them and they were happy with SERVPRO's service. They came in and went straight to work. It took about 5 days to get fully cleaned up but it was above my standard. I didn't expect to see our home in the same degree as before but they sure did it. Thanks SERVPRO.

The washing machine leaked and it was a disaster. SERVPRO came in and made it better again. I would use them again!

After our annual pig-roast, we noticed the smell of smoke lingered in our home for weeks. We decided it would be best to call a professional. SERVPRO used air scrubbers to clean the air and get rid of the smoke smell. They did such an amazing job. 

Our fitness club had a roof leak and it got the equipment wet. SERVPRO put its equipment in our facility and the powerful wind dried everything in a couple days. 

After a leak under our sink hadn't been noticed for a week or more, mold had started to grow. We didn't know how to get it out so we called SERVPRO. They got it out right away! Thanks!

An outlet malfunction caught one of the drapes on fire and there was smoke damage visible on the walls. SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield came and cleaned it all up! Our living room is back to normal and we couldn't be happier. 

After the sink had been running in the kitchen too long, the water started to overflow. No one noticed because our restaurant was so busy at the time. The damage wasn't awful, but we needed to call SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield for assistance. They came in and helped us out big time!

After many rain showers in a 3 day span, our basement ended up taking on some water that had come through the walls. Right away my wife and I knew we couldn't clean it up ourselves. We called SERVPRO and they came and got all the water out in the first day. A couple days after were needed to continue the drying process with air movers and dehumidifiers. Awesome job by SERVPRO!

A large rainfall mixed with the flat roof of our department store created leaks in our roof. Water was on the floor and merchandise, and there were water marks all over the drop ceiling. SERVPRO of Overbook/Wynnefield was on the scene with water extractors and dehumidifiers. We did end up having to close operations for a little while but SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield definitely made the situation easier for everyone involved. 

My pizza shop had a fire in the kitchen area and left smoke damage everywhere. To continue our business we had to get it cleaned up. SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield was able to get us back up and running in 2 days. I can not thank them enough!

After a recent snow storm one of our pipes broke in the will of our home. We had about 6 inches of water sitting in the basement. SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield was the first company we called for help and they came within 2 hours. Without their quick response I am not sure we could have restored our basement like we did. 

I haven't experienced a better rug cleaning than when I used SERVPRO. I have used 2 other companies and they never got my rug back to this condition. 

I usually don't write reviews but SERVPRO's staff was so friendly and professional that I had to. Great work by them. 

SERVPRO was at my house fast. They did exactly what was needed and the staff was friendly. 

Our heating and cooling system didn't seem to be working very well for a few months. Turns out there was a build-up of dust inside the ducts that was blocking a lot of the air. SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield provided me with a thorough duct cleaning and our HVAC system is doing much better.

In our basement we had a small flooding incident. We were able to get the moisture out with a dehumidifier of ours and one that we borrowed from a friend. Unfortunately, we did not get it out in time as we started to smell an odd odor coming from the basement. We called SERVPRO and they identified some mold growing on under the floorboards. They acted quickly and removed the boards with mold and replaced them like brand new!

I found significant mold in my basement and I didn't feel safe in my home. I called SERVPRO and they removed the mold and put new drywall up. I feel comfortable in my home again. 

I left my car windows open over night and it rained. I thought nothing could fix what happened. My friend recommended SERVPRO and they actually came and dried out my car and removed the musty odor caused by the water. I couldn't be more grateful as they saved me from a stressful situation!

Our rental property had a leak in the roof over the guest bedroom. Once the rain stopped we called SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield and they came the same day. They got the water cleaned up and the roof patched in a couple of hours. We would use them again if something else were to happen. 

Our basement toilet backed up last week. Needless to say it wasn't a good situation. SERVPRO of Overbrook really helped us out in a tough time. 

After a severe storm hit our home we weren't sure of where to begin.  A friend referred SERVPRO to use and we are very pleased.  Great work.

SERVPRO worked straight through the pouring rain until the job was done. It really helped me out of a tight spot.

It was a quick response from SERVPRO! I'm glad I called them to help when we got hit with the last bad storm

The team at SERVPRO came to help fix my damage after the recent heavy storm. They were very helpful and did an excellent job.

My husband and I called SERVPRO frantically last Thursday for water damage in our newly remodeled home in Princeton. I could have never imagined the level of professionalism and help that we received. Jose and his crew were beyond helpful, timely, confident, professional and flexible. They not only remedied the situation, but helped us understand step by step of the process that we were going to go through. I cannot thank them enough for all of their help and expertise. Our home will be good as new and ready for Thanksgiving. Thank you to SERVPRO and thank you to Jose! Absolute perfection, you are lucky to have him.

Thank you for getting our basement back in shape!  We highly recommend the professional service we received from SERVPRO.

Thank you SERVPRO of Overbrook/ Wynnefield for supporting our event this weekend!  We would love to have you back for next year.  

The name says it all! Very professional.  Thank you SERVPRO of Overbrook and Wynnefield.

The SERVPRO ERP is a great resource!  Thank you for coming out and helping us get prepared in case theres ever an emergency.

Incredible service!  SERVPRO worked around the clock over the weekend to get me back in my home.  

Thank you so much for the speedy cleaning of my rental property!  I would highly recommend using SERVPRO.

When fireworks go wrong SERVPRO was there to help things go right.  

Absolutely wonderful.  SERVPRO was a pleasure to work with and José was so attentive! 

SERVPRO was fantastic!  Our gas fire place malfunctioned causing a lot of smoke and SERVPRO removed the odor in just a few days.

A water main broke in our apartment complex on the 5th floor and subsequently flooded the floors underneath.  SERVPRO got here within the hour and handled everything with the utmost professionalism.

I called on a Sunday and SERVPRO had someone to inspect my basement in less than an hour.  You just can't find a service like this now a-days!

Thank you for the top notch service! I would highly recommend you all to anyone in need.

I couldn't have asked for more professionalism from the SERVPRO Wynnefield Crew. 

One of my tenants never reported a flood in the basement.  Regardless of how long the water sat, SERVPRO made it look as good as new.  Thank you!

Needed my house cleaned for a viewing.  SERVPRO was in and out before I ever saw them!

Great service!  Speedy and effective.  I would definitely recommend to anyone in need.

Our dish washer malfunctioned while on vacation.  SERVPRO of Wynnefield was extremely courteous and efficient when removing our belongings and cleaning.

We found mold in our basement from a slow leak in our water heater.  SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield was able to get rid of the mold, and even recommended a great repair service for our water heater!  

Jose was very professional and courteous.  He was a great leader and his crew was very efficient.

Arrived quicker than expected and left quicker than expected.  Great service.!