What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

After discovering some white fuzzy mold in our basement we decided to call a professional. After doing some research, SERVPRO seemed to be the best choice. They came out and cut out the affected area and then replaced everything like new! We were so happy we went with this company.

After a leak under our sink hadn't been noticed for a week or more, mold had started to grow. We didn't know how to get it out so we called SERVPRO. They got it out right away! Thanks!

In our basement we had a small flooding incident. We were able to get the moisture out with a dehumidifier of ours and one that we borrowed from a friend. Unfortunately, we did not get it out in time as we started to smell an odd odor coming from the basement. We called SERVPRO and they identified some mold growing on under the floorboards. They acted quickly and removed the boards with mold and replaced them like brand new!

I found significant mold in my basement and I didn't feel safe in my home. I called SERVPRO and they removed the mold and put new drywall up. I feel comfortable in my home again. 

Absolutely wonderful.  SERVPRO was a pleasure to work with and José was so attentive! 

I called on a Sunday and SERVPRO had someone to inspect my basement in less than an hour.  You just can't find a service like this now a-days!

One of my tenants never reported a flood in the basement.  Regardless of how long the water sat, SERVPRO made it look as good as new.  Thank you!

We found mold in our basement from a slow leak in our water heater.  SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield was able to get rid of the mold, and even recommended a great repair service for our water heater!