Cleaning Photo Gallery

SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield Does Professional Cleaning

Did you know that SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield does professional cleaning? We do things like rugs, couches, cars, miscellaneous  items, etc. Many people believe that we are just fire and water damage restorers, but we actually do much more! Give us a call at 215-877-6653 for more information on the services we provide!

SERVPRO Serves Community Day or Night

A few weeks ago we were sent to a job on a tugboat. The customer had dirty carpets on board of their boat but would only be available for cleaning for a few hours. We showed up and got the job done in about 5 hours, which made it possible for the tugboat to depart on time. The customer was very happy with the quality of the job and the short amount of time it took to receive the quality service.  Give SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield a call at 215-877-6653 for all you fire and water damage restoration needs. 

Cleaning a Tree House

This tree house at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia had gotten rather dusty over the years.  SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield worked through two nights into the morning to fully enclose the tree house and bring it back to life!

SERVPRO, Like it never happened!